Photo by Cody Goddard

Photo by Cody Goddard

Artist Statement


I am most lucid when I feel minimized in nature, surrounded by landscape. Elements of earth and sky materialize in my work, connecting to universal human experience and wonderment.  Like the hazy fleeting colors in the atmosphere at sunset, I am constantly chasing a transparent apparition in my work.

My ceramic inquiries begin with an acute awareness of color.  Shades and hues hold associations and recollections that I use to begin the forming process on the potter’s wheel.  Testing and tinkering with glazes to find the perfect pigment has evolved beyond an obligatory step in the ceramic process, instead serving as a conceptual engine that provokes making.  

I rely on repetition and line to allude to the beauty of natural order and the manmade.  Sleek and definitive forms create elegant edges, prompting a linear conversation in my work.  Through the restricted placement of minimal marks, my fussy and exacting personality is satiated by process. Taking notice of the everyday things that give me pause and bringing them into the studio enables me to make work that is indicative of my own experience and perspective.  Through sight and use I hope to provide the user/viewer with a similar moment of contemplation.

I make objects that negotiate purpose and pleasure.  The seen impact of my pieces is just as significant as the utility of each piece.  Aware that the things that I craft will become part of an experience, I make my work to interact through touch and on a purely visual level.  I believe in the pot as an object of fine art.